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Zoe at work

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Zoe is the friend and ally of Edgar Frog in Lost Boys, the Thirst. She works in Book O'Neer in San Cazador

The Thirst[]

Zoe is Edgar's helpful friend, fellow hunter and closet werewolf. She backs Edgar fully, not only putting up with his bad moods, lack of people skills and she gives him full access to the book store she works at and even sells Edgar's comic books for him when Frank gives him an extremely low offer.

It's hinted at in the movie that she and Edgar develop their relationship and become a couple, but she ever does admit to him what she really is.[1]


Somewhat zany, Zoe is cheerful and expressive; a feat which plays off Edgar's more deadpan personality. She is highly knowlegable in terms of folklore, being able to successfully research the details of the Blood Moon, and is able to hold her ground against a vampire via the use of Holy Water mace. She does possess a sense of humor however, briefly teasing Blake about his tensity towards her, before relenting at Edgar's command. She is not without her personal quirks; calling Edgar out on not naming his gun, and uttering a suprisingly underwhelming expletive at the discovery of Johnny Trash's remains. However, when the situation calls for it, she can be reliable and quick witted; she secures Edgar's safety after he is injured, and recieves the weapon Edgar needs to kill DJ X. [2]