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Vampires Everywhere

Vampires Everywhere is a comic book series published before the Comics Code was implemented it stop publication for many many years.

Once the industry abandoned the Code, the comic was resurrected. It is treated by the Frog Brothers as a survival manual for Santa Carla and they openly encourage anyone they meet to read it.[1]

A few of the methods for vampire hunting spoken of in the comic don't work while others have been some of the Frog Brothers best life savers.

Vampires Everywhere is also noted as going into detail the methods vampires use to hunt, find their prey and protect themselves.


Very little is known about the comic as we only have brief glimpses of it in the movies. We have a bit more detail about the other main vampire comic Destroy All Vampires. It is fairly safe to say that Edgar Frog is all but handing out copies of them both to this day.

Only the cover art and two pages of this comic book were ever actually made. While the 1987 Novelization goes into much greater detail, what you see in the movie is all there is folks.

Some fans were actually able to track down the original prop used in the move and discovered it was gifted to the comic book shop used in the movie which, although in a different location after sever earthquake damage, is still in business. If you can track down the shop's location and ask them nicely, you may be able to see it for yourselves :) [2]


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