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The Vampire Vaccine


The first time we see the Vampire Vaccine is in the The Lost Girls in 1990, a concoction invented by Alan Frog just before the Awesome Monster Bashers charge into a daylight attack against the The Lost Girls.

We next see it in the comic book series Reign of Frogs when Edgar Frog makes a glass and offers some to a kid who has come to him looking to learn how to hunt vampires.

It's next appearance in the Lost Boys series is in The Tribe when Edgar once again makes a glass.


While we never see it's exact effects on film, they are described in detail in The Lost Girls.

Alan Frog drinks a batch, both Edgar and Sam Emerson comment on how horrid it smells and it makes Alan's breath smell terrible for several hours.

When attacked and bitten Alan's attacker screams, her head blows up like a balloon and explodes.


  • 1 Garlic Clove
  • 1 Raw Egg
  • 3 oz. Holy Water

Crush garlic clove (really crush it or it'll stick in your throat), add to glass Crack egg into glass, Add Holy water and stir well.

((I highly suggest a vodka chaser, it's some right ghastly stuff -- Vila))

Cannon ?[]

While it is considered canon, it is mostly a matter of when it came up and it's exact effects since The Lost Girls was never put into production and it remains authorless.