This was one of the many viral marketing websites tossed up by Warner Bros to promote the 2008 The Tribe movie. The website itself no longer exists but the text of it has been backed up by fans, mostly mocking but also slightly amused but it all.

Luna TextEdit

Vertically descend into a historic gold mine shaft 100 stories into the earth.

Witness the evolution of underground mining methods from 1891 to present day.

Experience the sights and sounds of air powered mining equipment.

View gold veins in their natural state.

Ride an air powered man trip train.

Receive, with your tour, a free gold ore specimen.

$45.00 per person

Please Note: Trip duration is subject to weather conditions. Trips may be canceled due to dangerous weather conditions. Please bring clothing/shoes that may get wet. Children must be accompanied by an adult.[1]

ATTN; Due to collapses, All Mine Tours have been canceled until further notice

It's the Vampire HideoutEdit

Yeah, that's why the tours were shut down, The Tribe kept eating people who went on them. Delivery is great innit?


Coming soon


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