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About The Lost Boys: GURPS WikiaEdit

One day my computer hard drive failed. It took me over a month to get a new one. In that time I begun hand-writing a GURPS conversion for The Lost Boys movies and fandom.

Table of 'Key' ArticlesEdit

List of Lists

Characters (cannon)



Scripts and Differences

Characters (stats)





Some Objects

Note: Bold Blue denoutes a finished page - Yay!

Blue means I've started it, while red means I haven't even touched it yet... - Vila

Where to Start?Edit

Please take a look at Cast List, Places List, and the Objects List. If any listing on any of those three pages is red then by all means, feel free to create and edit the shit out of that page. All you have to do is click on the red link and start typing. It really is that easy.

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Not sure where to start?
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