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1987 The Lost BoysEdit

You can find it's dedicated page: 1987 The Lost Boys

1987 NovelizationEdit

Based on the second draft of The Lost Boys movie script it contains many scenes cut from the film and much greater character detail.

You can find it's dedicated page: 1987 Novelization

1989 The BeginningEdit

A never filmed prequel

You can find it's dedicated page: 1989 The Beginning
You can find it's Summary Page: Beginning Script
It's Cast Listing: Cast List for The Beginning

1990 The Lost Boys 2Edit

aka The Lost Girls

a never filmed sequel to The Lost Boys, the author has never come forward and there has been much speculation over this hard to find bit of LB Lore.

You can find it's dedicated page: 1990 The Lost Boys 2

2007 Lost Boys; Reign of FrogsEdit

the 4 part comic book series

CANON NOTE: although they were printed these comics are generally NOT considered canon. Mostly for two reasons: One - In the last comic of the series it's revealed that Edgar made the previous 3 issues entirely up. He flat out lied to the kid. Two - With all of the inconsistencies present in this and Thirst, they aren't considered canon by most.

You can find it's dedicated page: 2007 Reign of Frogs

2008 Lost Boys; The TribeEdit

You can find it's dedicated Plot page: 2008 The Tribe, It's script page: Rodionoff Script, and it's Cast List

2010 Lost Boys; The ThirstEdit

You can find it's dedicated page: 2010 The Thirst
Also be sure to read it's Cast List, and it's Script Notes


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