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1984 The Lost Boys[]

Laddie in The Lost Boys. Yes, it's the milk carton pic.

Laddie is the strange, lonesome only child of the Lost Boys. He is both an innocent who fights the darkness of the vampire, and the proof of Star's lingering humanity. He is portrayed as a quiet, watchful child who depends on Star and adores the brotherly attention of the older Lost Boys. He is not unaware of their true nature, though. When the boys chant at Michael to drink the cursed blood, Laddie relents and runs back to the comforting presence of Star. Laddie is advertised as a missing person, but it is possible to speculate that his parents are dead or uninterested in him for him to garner interest in the gang, as it would be unwise to initiate a child any other way. Out of all the boys, he is shown to be closest to Dwayne, who acknowledges him with a silent affection. He is turned back into a human at the end of The Lost Boys.

The Novelization[]

2010 The Thirst[]

He apparently becomes a vampire hunter however briefly as Alan Frog asks if Edgar thought to go to him for help him in The Thirst, but he is said to have his own wife and his own kids now, and has moved on with his life. It is likely he joined the military at one point [1] Worth noting that the script did call for Chance to make his reappearance in The Thirst but WB thought it was too expensive to fly him to the location and Laddie's sceens were cut. [2]