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The Lost Boys 2 aka The Lost Girls

Script Notes[]

These are notes taken while I read the script. [1]

  • The Surf Nazis have declared peace with the local Punks and they are parting together
  • Yvonne & Angel are members of the Lost Girls
  • Sonny leads the Surf Nazi's gang now.
  • Julian, Ozzie, Brian, & Red - are members of the Lost Girls
  • Vampires can become fog
  • Lucy and Mike are gone on a trip
  • Sam has summer school & gets a Grandpa Grizzly Wake Up
  • Mr. Lippincott - Sam's summer school teacher
  • Vanessa Harker a new girl in Sam's class
  • Sarah Harker, 11yr old sister to Vanessa
  • Mina, 2nd wife of Boyd Harker
  • Bumber Cars are the featured ride this time
  • Storage roon @ Frog Comics is full of vampire hunting gear
  • Lost Girls rip an entire car off of the Ferris wheel
  • Frog Brothers think the Mayor is Dracula
  • The rollercoaster takes the place of the train tracks
  • David is alive
  • We see more of the hotel - a grand dinning room filled with David's victims dating back years
  • Quality time with the boys
  • Sam steals both Michael's Morotcycle and Grandpa's Car
  • Sam falls in love with Vanessa who is in love with Julian
  • Both Julian and Vanessa are half vampires
  • Vanessa tries to eat Sam on their date
  • Edgar refuses to read 'real books' and yells at Sarah about them
  • Edgar, Alan and Sarah break up Sam's date & the waiter calls the cops on the Frogs
  • The Lost Girls trash the Harker house and the Frog Brothers are stuck cleaning it up
  • David has control over an entire pack of Hounds of Hell
  • Alan has created a "vampire vaccine" - it smells horrible
  • The Frog Brothers have built a "vampire mobile" a volkswagon bus they stripped dow, welded steel plating over all the windows, a bazooka stake launcher, jet black with a whire cross painted on the grill, wooden stakes bolted to the out side, sun roof has a watter cannon and plastic bubble. It's steered via parascope. They call it AVAC - automated vampire attack car.
  • David uses bats to guard the Hotel
  • David and the Lost Girls can be awake during the daylight, they just can't go outside.
  • Brian is killed via Edgar's crossbow - melts into a pool of mush
  • Sam takes out Yvonne via a waterballoon bazooka - she explodes into stars
  • Edgar is taken prisoner, turned into a half vampire and sent back out as a double agent
  • Sam steals a water tank from Grandpa
  • Edgar steals a hose right off of a fire truck
  • Alan has a priest bless the water tank (the other priest is afraid of them)
  • Red gets hit with the waterhose and splatters against a wall
  • Nanook knocks Ozzie into a stalagmite - who dies a very human like death
  • Angel bites Alan but pukes foam, her head then explodes and her body combusts, aparently the vampire vaccine works
  • Edgar attacks Alan
  • Nanook fights off David's entire pack of Hounds of Hell
  • Julian and David fight
  • Ozzie round two - Sam ffights him off with a water pistol filled with gasoline and a torch
  • Grandpa blows a hole into the roof of the Hotel with dynamite, letting daylight in
  • Sam, Sarah, Julian and Vanessa drag David into the sunlight
  • David expldes into a black hole and he destroys his entire pack before turning into a shooting star and exploding
  • Grandpa aparently kills vampires all the time

Read More[]

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Download printable copies of the script: - PDF Format - TXT File


  1. Vila Wolf