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The Frogs Brothers

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Consisting of Edgar Frog and Alan Frog. Each brother lends his own skill set and together they like to think of themselves as the Rambos of the vampire hunting world.

Brief History[]

The Frog Brothers Surf Company Logo as seen in 2008 The Tribe and 2010 The Thirst

They started as a pair of brothers who ran their stoner parents Comic Book shop in Santa Carla[1] before splitting their time and resources to between the comic book shop and vampire hunting. Transforming one of the store rooms at Frog Comics into a vampire armory and using the garage to build weaponry and a shady vampire-tank.[2] In the year 2005 The Frog Brothers went their separate ways when Alan became a half vampire.[3]

Edgar's Skills[]


Shop Keeper

He's the talker

Alan's Skills[]



Vampire Vaccine


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