Ok well, this was originally a dummy page that WB set up in a viral marketing campaign for 2008 The Tribe but I've used it as fodder for games before.

Here is the text of the website:


Warning! Our web site has been breached. A number of missing persons have mysteriously been deleted from our database. We apologize for any inconvenience or distress this may cause. We are looking into the problem.

The California Missing Persons Foundation offers safety education for all ages and abilities: Safety Matters (safety education for individuals with disabilities); Runaway Prevention Education; Bully Prevention; Internet Safety and much more. Contact us for more information.

In an effort to bring national media attention and funding to these cases, we have launched the "Let's Bring Them Home" campaign for the missing. This campaign calls for 1,000 participants to join this national effort to raise awareness and funding on behalf of missing persons.

Every participant will be included in local, state and national press releases and featured on the CMPF websites. In addition, participants will be included in the "Let's Bring Them Home" radio, television and print media campaign and be assigned an CMPF advocate to assist in their efforts to raise awareness.

CMPF Personnel in Luna Bay:

  • Ian Korver
  • James Kozier
  • Eric Lemay
  • Robert Lyle
  • Darren Marcoux
  • Christopher Schreiber
  • Edgar Frog
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