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Screen Cap from 2010 The Thirst

ok guys... Here in The Lost Boys Universe, they make heavy use of the "book of all knowledge", in three different sequels.

About the Book[]

Not to be confused with the two comic books, Vampires Everywhere and Destroy All Vampires, this is your standard movie and late novel catch all. Bound and printed and in the LB-verse of course extremely old.

The book is titled "The Ways of the Vampyre and How to Destroy Him"

We first get a glance at the book in the 1989 prequel to the Lost Boys,The Beginning , when two brothers (Viktor Frogiere and Radu Frogiere) from "the old country" suspect the hotel they work at in playing host to a vampire, they head into town and track down a very old rare book dealer who sells it to them. Even though it supposedly contains all the knowledge known about vampires, even woodcuts of known vampires, the two brother rely more on superstition to lead their efforts and they end up giving the book to a then human David. Who threatens to fire them both from the hotel. Don't ask how he got ownership of the hotel, just go check out the dedicated page: 1989 The Beginning

We next get to see the book very briefly..... (and my brain just went blank. I new I should have had notes ready I forget if it was The Lost Girls or Reign of Frogs.)

Last we see the book is in The Thirst, where Alan Frog has gotten a hold of it some how. He gives the book to his brother with a note telling him that it is the "first book ever written about vampire hunting", knowing that Edgar is about to do something very stupid and should at least read up a bit. Ok, so Alan doesn't exactly give Edgar the book - Alan ninjas it into Edgar's truck in broad daylight scaring the crap out him in the process. Edgar being Edgar, who hates 'real books' gives it to Zoe to read for him. We actually get a couple pages to look at in the movie and it details not only vampires and how to kill them, but apparently it covers their favorite cannibalism rituals as well.

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