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Map of Alan's House by Vila Wolf

Alan's House

Edgar pulls up to “Seedy Place” with burning trash cans and junk everywhere. It's pitch black out and there are no lights coming out of any of the windows and hops out of the truck and yanks a door open. Just. Like. That. He just does it. Given that he's unarmed, gear-less, and he's a know vampire hunter, and that he's walking into a place that looks every inch like a vampire den...

Once inside the building it's as dark as it is outside. One candle ever 10 feet for light. With maybe one wall having a single electric light. The rooms are filled with shelves which are filled with jars that have... things... in them. There are dead animals hanging upside over the bed and in the sink dripping blood.

Seen In[]


  1. Shelves
  2. bathroom ?
  3. Taxidermy area
  4. Refrigerators


I actually feel very comfortable with the general layout and placement of Alan's hideout? den? in the press-kit photos it's labeled "fop house". In the Thirst we are given nearly a full 360o view of the inside, it's practically a tour to be honest. Though I did think about adding a second row of shelves to the main room, but I wasn't sure if Edgar walked between them or just past them. Outside we get almost nothing on so the city map corner is just my rough guess. - Vila