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Script by Eric Red
Story by Eric Red and Joel Schumacher
Never Filmed - but dates to about 1989/1990
Script was officially released as a free PDF in 2010


The film was to take place across the California coast at the turn of the century and followed David and his gang of thieves and ruffians (including all of the Lost Boys from the movie plus a brother for Paul) working small time heists up and down the California coast in 1908. While working small cons in San Francisco they are chased out of town and the Boys end up in Santa Carla. David and his crew watch a ship crash nearby and soon after attempt to rob a man wandering town.

The man was a vampire who ended up being none other than Vlad Tempes, also known as Dracula. Vlad chases down the Boys one by one over the remainder of the night though he does not kill them. When they wake up in the Hotel the next morning, all of their injuries have healed. Unknown to them he fed each one his own blood, ghouling them without their knowledge.

When night falls Vlad invites the Boys to gamble with him and although David notices that Vlad has not won a single game, everyone else is acting as if he has. Vlad eventually 'wins' such a large sum that the owner of the hotel in forced to give him the hotel. Vlad immediately gives the hotel to the Boys as payment for future services. He asks the Boys to transport the cargo off the wrecked ship. While they are busy moving crates, they are attacked by a rival ruffian gang and both Paul and Marko give into their blood lust.

One of the guests is a Russian Princess who David falls in love with. Soon after the Boys realize what is going on as they turn into vampires, save for David who is the last to turn. He attempts to flee Santa Carla for San Fran with the Princess only to be attacked on the train by his friends. She is killed and he is beaten nearly to death until he joins.

Ready to kill Vlad himself, David and The Boys decide to provoke him while in the hotel. The fight never happens as the Great Quake strikes and Vlad is killed by falling timbers as the hotel sinks into the ground.

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